About Us

Rick Conn

As founder of Southside - Remodeling I believe that my love for old buildings stems from how the old timbers form structures that evoke the feelings of the past.

The history of moments in time that have been stamped forever into these 'grand old ladies'. They speak of the men and women who have lived, laughed, loved with in their protective walls. It is with passion, respect and care I return these buildings to their former glory.

I value the reputation I have built by being accountable for the quality of my work and the process I engage in to deliver a superior product. I take pride in continuing this in everything I undertake.

Learning from experience is everything and during every project there is the possibility of unforeseen challenges arising.

This is when my understanding of old buildings together with an open communication style, enables seeing a challenge from an inclusive perspective, where together with the client and other members of my team a practical solution emerges.


Values & Ethics

  • Attention to detail

  • Solid Communication

  • High Quality Product

  • Ethical Practices

  • Sustainability & Recycling